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Yards of Plenty is committed to creating landscapes and gardens that benefit and replenish the health of the environment and native life forms.

We restore the fertility of the soil using organic compost, and minerals that are naturally occurring. Many minerals have been depleted throughout our landscapes which are vital to the health of our plants. Once these nutrients are returned to your soil, the quality of your fruits and vegetable will increase and you will reap the benefits of eating nutrient rich foods!

We create gardens that have a native edible forest. The height of the garden is managed with the species selected. For example, I am creating a low-rise edible forest in my yard since I have a smaller yard where large trees would simply take over the sun completely.

Please read my Mission, Goals and Objectives to learn more.

To Create a Peaceful and Edible Design

My mission is to provide a Landscape that will give you yards of precious organically grown edibles.  Your yard will be inviting while you pluck random edibles along your stroll.  You will feel peaceful. 

I use methods derived from my learnings of permaculture, bionutrients, organic orchard workshops, as well as my personal gardening experiences in New Jersey.  I have been gardening since I was old enough to play in the dirt. Mom was a farmer and to this day she continues to garden.  She practiced organic gardening looong before it was a 'big deal'. 

My definition of Permaculture.... 
Permaculture is a design that allows for one to live sustainably throughout the year, regardless of the climate or location by using the resources that are available to you at your specific site.  This design assists plant, insect and animal species to flourish in an environment that recycles within itself.

A Permaculture environment provides harmony with all living species, using the wind, sun, soil, water, moon and landscape.  There is no impact to the environment that will disrupt the natural occurrence of life.  Even areas of poor sustainability of life where there is lack of water, or soil that has lost its nutrient level can be designed to harvest water and restore the soil nutrients by using plants, animals and techniques that will give these nutrients back and provide food.  This is achieved by using plants that have natural nutrient accumulators, nitrogen fixers, habitat and are edible.  The scale to which one wishes to achieve this, can vary from a very small space to a very large farm.   Imagine an entire country that creates such environment!


  • Keep deer out by creating a natural fence of plant species they don’t prefer. And by creating a fence using low cost materials.
  • Create a beautiful and productive yard.
  • Provide year round Edibles, such as berries, root vegetables, fruits, etc..
  • Little or no watering.  Divert downspouts and create swales.
  • Create a Low maintenance yard by using organic mulching methods, water diversion, and interplantings.
  • Use plants that will benefit each other. Many plants accumulate nutrients from the soil, and can be used to benefit other plants. I try to use as many species of plant that provide both food and nutrients. This will reduce the need to fertilize.
  • Make your yard enjoyable to spend time in.
  • Experiment with different native plants. I use a diverse plant group to provide a unique appearance, as well as to establish a space where the plants will thrive.
  • Restore endangered species by providing habitat.  Plants, birds, toads, insects. This is achieved by eliminating the use of pesticides and non-organic fertilizers, creating insectuaries, and using species of plants that provide food and protection to these creatures.
  • Year round food for you to harvest from your own yard.
  • Inspiring to look at and invites other people to create similar spaces.
  • Create a Soothing space.

Once the forest garden is established, it will act as a regular forest that simple "feeds" itself.

Edible Landscape Design

We provide a personalized service where we will spend time to evaluate the area you wish to create a space where you will receive food and beauty, based upon the specifics of the soil, sun, shade and wind.

Soil Replenishment

It is key to have soil that contains the correct amount of organic matter, minerals and moisture. With proper testing and calculations, you can grow healthy plants that will provide YOU with the nutrients your body needs from the fruits you harvest. We will conduct a comprehensive soil test and will amend using the minerals and vital micronutrients that are depleted from your soil. We will wait 6 months for the nutrients to settle into the soil and will re-test to make any necessary adjustments.

Vegetable Garden Planning & Consulting

We will come to you and review your garden. Once we have seen your garden, we will provide advice on what to grow, how to grow it, and why something isn't growing. Some ideas may be to use a different plant variety that is more suitable to your specific garden area.


I love to provide educational activities and talks to all ages. Focus is on permaculture, edible landscapes, tending and amending your soil, gardening, and canning your bounty. Talks are often interactive where we will incorporate an activity specific to the talk. For example, a talk on creating a swale may include performing the actual work.

Be Creative, Have Fun, Invite the Birds

We hadHerb Spiral our walkway redone and had some leftover pavers. Now I have this really cool herb spiral. Remember to keep things in line with nature. Use patterns and keep it natural.

Bamboo Clump with bridge over the ditch in my backyard.goldfinch


From all weeds, to uncovering a walkway and unearthing a cement vase that was split in half. At the Sustainable house at Muhlenberg College, in the far back right is a bench made from a slab of the walkway, along with the vase as a covering for the legs. Amanda and Lucas did a ton of hard work.Bench









Soil nutrient levels are important to the health of the soil and how plants are able to use the minerals. If the mineral level is way off, your plants may not be able to use all of the minerals in the soil, even if they are present.

If you plan to amend your soil using minerals/stone, you must test your soil before adding certain trace elements. If you over do it with certain minerals, you will wind up with very poor results. IMPORTANT: Many trace element dust particles are hazardous. Please use extreme caution if you intend to do this yourself!

The Nutrient Density Supply Company provides the best selection of soil mineral elements that I have found. You will need to contact them via email/phone to place your order.


What it does

Too much

Too little


Essential for cell & membrane growth

Increases need for phosphorous & zinc. Decreases avail of NPK, iron, zinc, manganese

Poor root and stems



Cements clay. Needs more phosphorous

Poor absorption



Too much, ties up copper. Cannot asssimilate micronutrients

Poor growth


Stalk strength & resilience

Toxic, poor nitrogen avail

Poor growth


Oils, sugars,starches, photosynthesis

Reduces sulfur avail., zinc and copper. Rapid maturity

Poor reproduction and growth


Moisture absorption, chlorophyll, regulates sugar consumption

Ties up Phosphorous, manganese

Stunted. Lowered disease resistance, poor metabolism


Helps zinc

Ties up boron. If w/high sodium, blocks manganese. Tough, stringy veggies

Slow carbohydrate formatino. Reduces frost protection


Nitrogen utilization, reduces starch from leaf for fruit production


Poor carbohydrates


Seed germination, growth, bloom, seed set and stalk strength

Increases need for iron & zinc

Poor reproduction, metabolism


Protein, root, seed, growth

Ties up nitrogen and phosphate. Reduces molybdenum avail.




Zinc deficiency, poor phosphorus avail. Need more potassium to regulate






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